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Our Objective is to bring more Indian students to study in the US.

One of the main challenges Indian parents face while sending their kids abroad is expensive funding. Banks in India charge between 12-14% for an educational loan and this makes the foreign education experience a lot less attractive.

The Indian rupee has been depreciating by about 6% per year, on average against the dollar, for the last forty years. For Indian parents who have to pay college fees in dollars this is a big problem. It makes a lot of sense for Indian parents to invest in dollars and buy US equities. We have tied up with global investment firm with an office in Mumbai, NAG ANALYTIX, to help Indian parents invest in dollars early and thereby grow their kids college savings much faster. NAG ANALYTIX college fund has been giving returns of 20% per year.

We also provide Indian parents with 3% educational loans, after a due diligence of credit worthiness and on the basis of US dollar investments with NAG ANALYTIX.

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US: +1 904 470 7300

India: +91 89281 16923


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