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The IAIC's objective is to bring about networking events for the Indian community in the US and actively discuss Equity investment opportunities. We welcome all Indian Americans to join our community. 

The IAIC will hold several community events bringing in experts from the fund management business to discuss interesting equity investment opportunities for Indian Americans. Visit our Events Page to get updated on all the upcoming events lined up.  

IAIC also runs an Education Funding Program. On the basis of merit, US dollar investments and credit worthiness, we give low interest rate loans to Indian students coming over to the US for an education. This activity is not to make a profit but rather to encourage more Indian students to come over to the United States for their higher education.

The IAIC is a community of Indian Americans residing in the US looking to network and make intelligent money decisions. The IAIC is a community that is not operating for a profit. 

The IAIC came about in 2020, when some Indian Big 4 consultants got together and realized the Indian community is highly entrepreneurial  but doesn't have enough shared or expert resources to invest in the US/Indian equity markets. This got further highlighted during the COVID crisis when valuation of several companies were cheap but most of us were too afraid to invest. 

The IAIC through its access to several industry experts will bridge this knowledge gap. The IAIC is not looking to make investment recommendations but rather is connecting our Indian American community with industry experts, so that we can make good on all the possible investment opportunities at hand.


Phone: +1 903 470 7300


30 Newport Parkway,

Jersey City,

New Jersey. NJ - 07310

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